The most common myths associated with car insurance quotes

Car insurance is not the most trivial topic and it's not surprising to hear a lot of misconceptions associated with it. However, firmly believing these misconceptions and following all types of myths about car insurance quotes is a sure way to get an inadequately-priced policy and end up losing a lot of money as a result. The best way to avoid unpleasant situations and bad decisions when shopping or using car insurance is to learn the truth behind the most common insurance misconceptions. Here are some of the most widespread myths and the facts behind them:

Myth: No-fault insurance means that I won't be held responsible for the accident.

Fact: This is a surprisingly common misconception that makes too many police and insurance workers laugh in disbelief. The true meaning of this form of car insurance is that you get covered regardless whether you are considered at fault or not, and you can file a claim without showing proof of being not at fault. But at the same time, you will be held fully responsible for any damage or injuries if the analysis names you as the at fault party of the accident.

Myth: The color of my car affects my car insurance rates.

Fact: This assumption comes from the myths that certain body colors tend to attract the police or the robbers more often than the others and the insurance company will charge more if you choose red as your car's color in comparison to a black body. This is a complete nonsense, since there's no statistical evidence to this faulty assumption. And no reputable insurance company will ever base their rates on the color of your car.

Myth: If my friend takes my car and gets into an accident he's the one to pay.

Fact: If your friend has a driver's license it's OK for him or her to borrow your car. Of course, if you permit it verbally. However, if they happen to end up in an accident it's your policy that will pay for the damage and injuries since it covers the car driven, regardless of who's behind the wheel. Yet again, if the car has been taken without your permission it's your friend who will have to pay the bill and do a lot of explaining with your insurance company.

Myth: The contents of my car are covered in case of theft or crash.

Fact: Not if you have special waivers for the contents of your car. If any valuable item in your trunk gets damaged or destroyed after your car being rear-ended there's no point in requesting this type of coverage from the insurer. The insurance will only cover the damage inflicted to your car. The same goes for theft, if any valuables are stolen from your car but the car itself isn't, there's no point calling the insurer unless there is a special waiver or the car was badly damaged in the process.

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The most common myths associated with car insurance quotes

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Car insurance quotes are often associated with a wide range of myths shared by customers. Learn more about the truth behind these myths and what really affects your car insurance quotes.