Tips on how to get more affordable car insurance quotes

Getting competitive car insurance is not that hard if you know the basic principles of car insurance pricing. By learning what affects your rates and how these factors can be adjusted you will always have a better chance of finding a policy that will meet all of your requirements for a reasonable price. However, even if you are not that insurance-savvy it doesn't mean that you can't get your hands on affordable policies. The following tips have helped millions of insurance shoppers to get the best policies their money could buy, and you can certainly follow all of them to get a combined effect and a better chance of saving money on insurance:

Mind the coverage

One of the most influential factors when speaking of car insurance quotes is the amount of coverage you want to get with your policy as well as the types of coverage included. The more comprehensive the coverage and the higher the limits, the more expensive the policy will turn out no matter how hard you try getting it cheap. So the first thing to think about when looking for cheap car insurance is the amount of coverage to get. Keep in mind, though, that too little coverage will make you vulnerable as being under-insured is not the best way to deal with even a minor accident. Just think how much coverage is enough to cover an average car crash both in medical and repair costs and stick to this number.

Get discounts

Most of the customers don't know that they can use discounts from their insurance providers to get lower car insurance quotes. Discounts are more common than you think and are usually applied to reward loyal or low-risk customers. Think of such common discounts as low mileage, no claims, good student, senior driver and many others, and make sure to ask the insurer if you can opt for any of those. Sometimes a good discount can make all the difference when shopping for insurance.

Shop around

Comparison shopping is the most important aspect of insurance shopping and it's impossible to do without car insurance quotes. Comparing car insurance quotes on its own can offer you a lot of possibilities and deliver the most competitive rates. However, if you shop around with a precise understanding of what you need it will be much easier for you to find the right policy for the right price. Still, the general rule is "the more car insurance quotes you have to compare the better", so make sure to stick to that.

Change the car

If any of the aforementioned measures weren't as effective as you expected them to be then you should also think about the car you're trying to insure. In many cases people don't realize that their cars also have a considerable weight in the premiums they are charged with, especially if their cars aren't particularly insurance-friendly. Sports cars, SUVs, trucks, luxury autos and particular mid-range models are usually associated with higher insurance rates. So if you really want to save money on insurance consider switching your car to something more insurance-friendly.

What affects your car insurance quotes?


Car insurance quotes may vary depending on dozens of different factors mostly unknown to users. However, there are specific factors that have the most weight in car insurance quotes.

Tips on how to get more affordable car insurance quotes


Getting more competitive car insurance quotes isn't as hard as you would imagine. Read the following tips on how to get better car insurance quotes without becoming an insurance expert.

The most common myths associated with car insurance quotes

True or False

Car insurance quotes are often associated with a wide range of myths shared by customers. Learn more about the truth behind these myths and what really affects your car insurance quotes.